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Technology and Production

Manufacturing capabilities of AO BelZAN allow a full cycle of fasteners manufacturing in one place, from metal preparation to packaging of finished products. Full process control is provided at all stages of production.

Technological capabilities of АО BelZAN:
- metal preparation (constructional and alloyed steel grades, aluminum and copper alloys, heat-resistant and stainless steel grades),
- cold and hot-heading,
- heat-treatment,
- electroplating,
- automatic sorting (at customer’s request),
- packaging.

Мore than 85% of fasteners are produced by cold-heading. It’s a highly-efficient and economical way of fasteners manufacturing, metal utilization rate is 0.8¸0.95. Cold-heading is carried out on 4, 5 and 6-dies machines.

Heat treatment is pride and joy of AO BelZAN. It’s one of the most important steps in production technology of fasteners which ensures certain physical and mechanical properties of products.

Its modernization has become the largest investment project of the company in recent years. Five heat treatment ovens manufactured by KOHNLE, Germany were purchased. Heat treatment production of AO BelZAN has the highest level of automation and process control.

Types of heat treatment:

- bulk hardening of bolts, screws and studs – 12.9 and higher; nuts – 10 and higher,
- bulk hardening of long parts in vertical position to achieve 10.9 property class,
- case-hardening, nitrogen case-hardening,
- isothermal hardening,
- high-frequency hardening,
- light annealing in nitrogen atmosphere,
- tempering.

Electroplating shop of AO BelZAN provides a number of protective coatings: copper plating, nickel plating, tin - bismuth, phosphating, oxidation, cadmium coating, chemical passivation, anodic coating. The main type of coating is zinc coating. Electroplating equipment of foreign companies like PLAMING, former Slovenia, GALVOUR, Sweden and ASMEGA, Italy is fully automated. The equipment allows galvanizing both in bulk (small parts) and on racks (large parts).

The technology of zinc-flake coating application was implemented in the company as part of technology implementation. This type of coating has a number of indisputable advantages compared to traditional electroplating - higher corrosion resistance (up to 1000 hours), a wide range of colors, which are most important for interior elements, ecological compatibility of the coating process itself.

In addition to zinc-flake coating, the plant also has modern equipment for applying LOCTITE sealant, which guarantees non-leakage and no “oil mist” and improves performance characteristics of vehicles.

The company has a department for automatic sorting of fasteners, both rod parts (bolts, studs) and nuts. Using this kind of equipment allowed AO BelZAN to significantly improve quality of deliveries to the car assembly conveyors, thereby adding competitive advantage to AO BelZAN on the market of automotive fasteners.

Packaging is carried out according to standards, as well as according to the requirements of customer into container, agreed in supply contracts or in technical specifications:
- without inhibitors;
- with inhibitors;
- using conservation oils, etc.

AO BelZAN has its own tool production, which allows meeting its own needs in cold-heading, thread-forming and measuring tools.

Tool production also has a full cycle of tool manufacturing, including forging, all types of machining, including electro-erosion, heat treatment, and application of wear-resistant coatings. 


AO BelZAN has its own design and technology service, which is a certified developer of fasteners and springs.

Information System for Computer-Aided Design Based on T-FLEX Software was implemented at AO BelZAN for design and development of technological processes.

Design and development of part documentation for the main production is done:
- according to technical requirements and customer drawings,
- under current standards,
- suggesting our own designs.

Our designers can, using the ANSYS program and 3-D model, create static and dynamic calculations for fastener designs, evaluate performance of products in subassemblies and define an optimal configuration of fasteners. According to the results of calculations our customers are offered fasteners that meet functional requirements.

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