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February 4, 1967 Council of Ministers of the USSR took a decision to build new enterprises on production of component parts for Volzhsky automobile plant, including Belebeevsky plant of standard parts.

October 9, 1967, the construction of Avtonormal plant began on the eastern outskirts of Belebey - the first bucket of soil was excavated for foundation ditch.
Stock Company Belebeevsky plant “Avtonormal” (AO BelZAN for short) is a leading Russian company specialized in fasteners production for various industries. Fasteners with different property class can be manufactured at AO BelZAN.
February 4, 1967 - Council of Ministers of the USSR took a decision to build Belebeevsky plant of standard parts.
October 9, 1967 - The first bucket of soil was excavated for foundation ditch – this was the start of the plant construction.

1970 – Initial parts were produced in automaton and spring workshops, the first batch of 10 items were delivered to VAZ.

January 18, 1971 - Avtonormal plant was put into operation.

1973 - Development of parts for Kamsky plant of heavy trucks began. By the mid-1970s, entire range of parts required for the assembly of KamAZ trucks was mastered.

In 2006, BelZAN implemented an integrated information system based on my SAP ERP software. This system allows to control production process and to receive complete and reliable information online.

Main attention at AO BelZAN is paid to product quality and QMS processes. In 2006, the plant was certified for compliance with ISO 2001 requirements, and in July 2007 - for compliance with ISO / TS 16949 (requirements for suppliers of automotive components), by the certification body UTAC (France).
In 2011, an integrated system of design and engineering preproduction based on T-FLEX was created - end-to-end design.
All products of the plant are certified. Conformity certificate giving the right of entering the world market was obtained from the Customs Union.

In May 2018, AO BelZAN had a successful audit for compliance with requirements of international standards ISO 9001 and IATF 16949: 2016. High level of QMS is confirmed by audits conducted by our customers, such as: AVTOVAZ-RENAULT-NISSAN, ZAO GM-AVTOVAZ, and PAO KAMAZ.
In November 18, 2013 Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation granted AO BelZAN a life-time license for the development, production, testing and repair of aviation equipment. In 2015, a representative office of Technical Inspection was opened at AO BelZAN.

In July 2017, specialists of OOO Mostovaya inspektsia (company specializing in bridge inspection) evaluated a compliance of manufacturing process of high-strength fasteners with GOST R 52643, GOST R 52644 and GOST R 52645. In 2018 OOO Mostovaya inspektsia opened a representative office of bridge inspection number 156.

In April 2016, Conformity Certificate of the environment management system with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001 was obtained.

Nowadays AO BelZAN is a stable and fast developing company - we feel confident about the future!!!

Адрес: Россия 452002
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ул. Сыртлановой, дом 1 А

телефон: +7 (34786) 6-12-09

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