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AO BelZAN is a highly efficient company, national leader in the market of fasteners and springs for the automotive industry, a major manufacturer of fasteners and springs for the aviation industry, special and general engineering.

Using long experience, implementing state-of-the-art technologies, we meet needs of the Russian industry for fasteners and springs of any complexity; we produce them with a high level of efficiency and quality, in accordance with OHS standards and environmental standards, we improve the well-being of our employees and encourage a constant striving for the best.

1. Efficiency. We are aware that absolute efficiency of all processes is the basis for the long-term success of our company. It is a pledge of our well-being and confidence in the future.
2. Disciplined approach. We strictly follow established procedures and standards. This is the most important condition for ensuring efficient and safe work.
3. Integrity. We believe and rely on absolute honesty and open-mindedness of our employees. This helps us build effective processes based on mutual trust and simple communication.
4. Responsibility. We are ready to take responsibility for our decisions and actions. This enables us to timely respond to the most complex challenges of the modern market.
5. Mutual respect. We respect each other, our customers and our partners. This means we encourage our employees to use all their talents, skills and potential for the benefit of the company and society.
6. Continuous improvement. We have to get better from day to day. This is a painstaking job, but it is the basis of our sustainable development and growth.
7. Teamwork. We know we can achieve our goals using joint efforts. This enables us to rely on unique experience, knowledge and skills of our employees in solving all kinds of problems.

Адрес: 452002,1A, Syrtlanovoy str.,
Bashkortostan, Belebey

телефон: +7 (34786) 3-01-90

факс: +7 (34786) 3-01-90

e-mail: belzan@belzan.ru